Generating Sustainable Financial Results with Continuous Productivity Improvement through Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Principles & Concepts.

Our hands on approaching with bias for action and results-oriented are based on team working, through Kaizen Circles Activities, whose motto is Learning by Doing.


Business Consulting Segment in Business Management leading to the implementation of operational excellence throughout the organization's value chain.


To help our customers to achieve rapid financial results through continuous improvement of productivity and implementation of a World Class Business Management System.


Highly qualified, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and consulting, in Brazil and abroad, working from the executive management to the shop floor of leading companies in their segments.

Implementation Methodology

The improvement and training projects are developed jointly with our clients and according to their specific needs, based on the Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Principles and Concepts.


Generation of significant financial results, aligned with the strategic objectives of the business and sustained through a daily Management System.